Sunday, October 25, 2009

The definition of medical emergency

12:30 am--

Message on pager

Had baby in August and now has a rash. Please call immediately.

Yup, she has a rash. Her PCP can take care of this at 9 am in the morning-- no need for both of us to be awake and knowing about her rash.
The definition of perception--rash="medical or obstetrical emergency"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be very, very careful!

Yes, the BIG BAD MIDWIFE is in town. She is here to steal your patients. The most important thing is that you don't let her talk to your patients.

We will be miserable that we don't have an extra person to answer the pager or share rounds with but we would not want to risk it. We will continue to rant to the nursing staff that we will lose 1/3 of our patients to the BIG BAD MIDWIFE.

We have heard that she actually sat on the edge of the bed and held a hand while a woman cried. It has been reported that she calls patients with their results when they are not what they expected. There have also been rumors that she cares about how things are going at home-are the kids well? everything good with your husband? are you sleeping okay? It's also been overheard that there are grumblings among the women she has seen that they think "she is nice".

Today, when I fed a pregnant woman that doesn't have enough money for food and had social services see her I was told by an Ob (not the doc I work with) that my job is to practice obstetrics and to practice gynecology and that it was not to "save" someone. He was mistaken my job is to practice midwifery and that is exactly what I did. Watch out--the BIG BAD MIDWIFE is here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting appointments

Here are two of the better ones

Post-menopausal -- Follow-up for no period

Okay, isn't that menopause? I know I am new but---and that truly was the complaint. "I have been menopausal for a year and a half and I haven't got my period." We did some physiology education for that appointment. She was relieved.

Patient wants to find out who FOB is (that's "father of baby")

This young lady had two options and wanted me to tell her which one I thought she should pick. One was out of state and had been a bit of an ass lately but she liked him the best. The other one was around more but, eh-she wasn't so thrilled about him. "Can you help me choose?"

and I can't say anything about the secretary's because truly, that's what the appointment was. And, I did meet some wonderful women this week.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A really nice view

So my first day was last Thursday and what happens Wednesday night--sick! Major sinus issue. Perfect! Anyways, made it through Thursday and Friday and then spent Saturday in bed. My first full week has been very busy and thrown right into it. The doc that I am working with was in the office on Thursday and then left the country to visit family for this whole week. She deserves it but it was tough being the new kid by yourself. The office staff, MA's and RN's have been fabulous though, so no complaints.

My first challenge last week was sitting on the right side of my desk. I know it sounds stupid but it just didn't feel right. This doc has a beautiful office suite-not your typical drab medical office. My office is decent size, great desk, big comfy leather chair with a view to die for. Nurses don't get that. When I came in the beginning of the week to move some stuff in and organize some paperwork I sat in the two chairs on the side of the desk where the patient's would sit. That leather chair felt like it should be for someone else--someone way more important. I did this for three days. I think both her and the office staff were probably thinking --what's up with the midwife?? So this week I sat in the chair. I finished some charts. I drank my coffee and gazed out at the awesome view. I am slowly coming to the realization that I can enjoy the benefits of my new job and still be the nurse I am.