Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting appointments

Here are two of the better ones

Post-menopausal -- Follow-up for no period

Okay, isn't that menopause? I know I am new but---and that truly was the complaint. "I have been menopausal for a year and a half and I haven't got my period." We did some physiology education for that appointment. She was relieved.

Patient wants to find out who FOB is (that's "father of baby")

This young lady had two options and wanted me to tell her which one I thought she should pick. One was out of state and had been a bit of an ass lately but she liked him the best. The other one was around more but, eh-she wasn't so thrilled about him. "Can you help me choose?"

and I can't say anything about the secretary's because truly, that's what the appointment was. And, I did meet some wonderful women this week.


tottergirl said...

Keep this up and you will be rivaling Dr. Grumpy!

The Good Cook said...

Wow. Who the FOB is.. always a tough choice!