Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be very, very careful!

Yes, the BIG BAD MIDWIFE is in town. She is here to steal your patients. The most important thing is that you don't let her talk to your patients.

We will be miserable that we don't have an extra person to answer the pager or share rounds with but we would not want to risk it. We will continue to rant to the nursing staff that we will lose 1/3 of our patients to the BIG BAD MIDWIFE.

We have heard that she actually sat on the edge of the bed and held a hand while a woman cried. It has been reported that she calls patients with their results when they are not what they expected. There have also been rumors that she cares about how things are going at home-are the kids well? everything good with your husband? are you sleeping okay? It's also been overheard that there are grumblings among the women she has seen that they think "she is nice".

Today, when I fed a pregnant woman that doesn't have enough money for food and had social services see her I was told by an Ob (not the doc I work with) that my job is to practice obstetrics and to practice gynecology and that it was not to "save" someone. He was mistaken my job is to practice midwifery and that is exactly what I did. Watch out--the BIG BAD MIDWIFE is here.


kirsten said...

Recently found your blog and wanted you to know I'm here-so you don't need to be lonely anymore :)
I'm a currently unemployed CNM but have been in your shoes as new kid on the block. It IS lonely. I hope you told that OB that you are there to practice midwifery. Of course, they hate it when you use the "M" word.

Reality Rounds said...

How arrogant of an OB to dictate what a midwife or nurse is to do. We are our own independent profession! Good for you Big Bad Midwife. I hope you blow those arrogant OB's houses down!

The Good Cook said...

Sounds like midwifery is humanity... good for you. The world could use more BIG BAD Midwifes!

Casi said...

You gave her more than just a meal. You gave her the impression that there are still caring people out in the world. Bless you. :)

The Lonely Midwife said...

Thanks all!! I am still, days later, astounded by this comment. How lucky (or sad)that he has never needed or relied on the kindness of another!