Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sore feet with a smile

My feet hurt. The office has been really, really busy. Seeing 3 to 4 new patients each day along with a completely booked schedule of existing patients.

My feet hurt. The shortest day has been 13 hours. I feel bad having the nurses call patients regarding their lab results (yet, this is the norm for the practice). I am trying to
keep up with them and even making some calls on the weekend.

My feet hurt. This wearing real clothes with real shoes is not so comfy. After many years of wearing my pajamas (those stylish blue hospital scrubs) to work, my feet are not used to such torture.

My feet hurt. Running down seven flights to L&D, because one elevator is broken and I don't have the time to wait for the other one because they called to say "the head's right there".

My feet hurt but I'm smiling!!!!


Lct4j said...

Can you get some comfortable, yet stylish, shoes? I admire your hard work and devotion to your patients.

Autaven said...

What kind of shoes are you wearing? Can't you wear some stylish flats? Maybe some fancy black pump type shoes?

Sharon said...


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Anonymous said...

have you tried dansko clogs? as a doula i can't live w/o them!

YoungstownMidwife said...

:) sigh. I feel your pain.

Aaron Grey said...

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