Friday, September 11, 2009

Lessons: The good & the bad

I learn from women of all ages every day. It is usually a little nugget of wisdom that is inadvertently shared. Often, we do not even know the impact we have on others. I learn the most from those people I am around who are positive. However, lessons can be learned from women who are the complete opposite. Yes, they are out there! I try my best to be positive with them, hoping that somehow they will learn something from me as I have learned from them what I should not be and hope my children will never become.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not Suzy Sunshine all the time, not even close. I am an optimistic realist. Yes, there can be such a thing. What I do believe in is manners, respect and a work ethic. I have run into people of all ages with no manners. Unfortunately, it seems to be more often the case than not. I try not to become frustrated but . . .

  • When you say you are going to do something, do it!!
  • When you do it, do it the right way and try your best.
  • Don’t expect that you are owed anything.
  • Say Thank You and mean it.
  • Any amount of initials after your name does not grant you special powers or license to be rude.
  • Instead of texting, could you hold open the door for the 80 year old man behind you with the cane? Yes, there is someone behind you.
  • Could you please notice that my children are sitting next to you and utilize the filter for your mouth which is called your brain?
  • No, I can’t write a note for you to not work. Yes, I know the donut shop is VERY stressful and that you won’t lose your health insurance because I already pay for it but I just can’t lie.

And then we have those women who do and say such things as . . .

  • What have you done for yourself today?
  • I am sorry that happened to you, what will make it better?
  • Listen
  • Cry with you
  • Love their husbands, their children, and themselves
  • Acknowledge what they have control over and what they do not
  • Love what they do and respect others for what they do
  • Know that they don’t know everything even with a bunch of initials behind their name
  • Accept help graciously and offer it similarly

We learn from both don’t we.

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