Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is it!!!

Tomorrow is the day. I take my exam tomorrow morning. I have been wanting to "hurl", as my kids would say, for two days now. I have to pass. I have no choice. I have signed a contract with the practice, she ordered business cards. She called yesterday to ask about what alphabet soup I wanted behind my name for signage in the lobby of the two office buildings--yes, I think I can taste it in my throat now, ewww!. But, there's no pressure or anything. Oh, the write up in the hospital advertisement/newsletter they send to EVERY surrounding town that has already been printed, an article about how they are moving up in the world and now have a nurse midwife, that is waiting to be mailed--no pressure.

The funny thing is I kept saying along the way to everyone--can we not do any of this until I take the exam and know if I have even passed??!! No one ever listens to me. So, I guess I better pass.

Oh, here comes another wave of nausea---ugh!!


Doctor D said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will do excellent.

Fordo said...

Talk about pressure! I'm sorry. People must be uber confident in you, though. Its a good sign. Your patients will feel it to. Good luck!

The Good Cook said...

Go Get Em' !!!! This is YOUR time.

Amanda said...

Good luck - you'll rock that exam!!!

Autaven said...

The pressure of that can't exactly be making you feed any better.
Biggest good luck!